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stiff joints affect 1 in 5 adult dogs
simple is just not good enough anymore

Maintaining healthy skin and joints in our pets today is becoming more complex than ever before. The Natural VetCare Prescribed range are complex formulations, using nutrients with multiple benefits designed to meet the complex demands of keeping skin and joints healthy.

Gold Standard Formulations.

Research recommends that feeding a combination of key nutrients allows them to work together more effectively than any one nutrient alone. The ingredients in Natural VetCare Prescribed also work synergistically with each other to provide even more benefits.

Gold Standard Combinations.

Natural VetCare products are manufactured in the UK under strict quality controls, and we are proud of our extensive manufacturing credentials.

Gold Standard Credentials.

Trusted by vets for over thirty years to support veterinary products, our new Prescribed range offers you and your pets our very highest standard of care.

Gold Standard Care.

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